Doublethink is a cross between a creative tech company, an interactive communications agency, a business developer, an accellerator and an R&D unit. 

Basically we’re like a think tank with a production line.

With altruism as the main driving force behind everything we do, we take on projects that can make a difference for the betterment of human kind; for people, communities and companies.

Doublethink was founded in early 2015 by five partners with very diverse backgrounds from a wide range of creative industries. With 70+ years of combined experience, we are set to make an impact on a world that is constantly changing.We are avid concept developers, technology enthusiasts, humanists and communicators. We generate original ideas, refine others, design, program, visualize, strategize, write, draw, conduct and perform for projects that can make a difference.

We started with nothing but clear heads and ten empty hands. Now we develop Smart City solutions, new technological concepts for hospitals and care industries, new learning methods, educational concepts and entertainment solutions.

We build virtual worlds and platforms, accelerate startups, develop business strategies, build recruitment centers, program global trading systems, make art, produce movies and champion natural sciences. And we’ve only just begun.

Our number one goal is to work for the betterment of human kind; to make a difference in people’s lives through our projects. We focus on interactions and methods. By doing so we sometimes make small dents. Sometimes huge impacts.Although self proclaimed Technologists, we only use tech where needed. To us technology is a tool. We always focus on the human element, the storytelling, and we only work on projects that are ethically sound and transparent.

We are not your average company. We never compete. We cooperate.

We’re growing through others, with others. We are sound believers in the new way of doing business; not through separate entities, but as an evolving ecosystem of like-minded creators, doers and progressive thinkers. We are always seeking new opportunities, new ways to make a difference.

And we would like to invite more people to join us.

Team Members