The Water Works

One of our main projects this year is a project called Vann•Verket, which literally translates to “Water•Works”. The city of Stavanger is set to transform the city’s old water supply facilities; a castle-like structure from the late 1800s, complete with two massive (long empty) water basins, into a cutting edge science- and experience center focused on the nature of and uses for water, town history and edutainment for children and young adults. Also, to get more younglings interested in natural sciences.

Doublethink Water Works

We are the main/lead entrepreneur for the exhibition part of the project, and our concept includes a vast number of very cool technology uses (including but not limited to VR, AR, MR, holograms, touch screens, video mapping sensory deprivation technology, games and a large number of physical games and contraptions); all based on custom designed exhibition elements and a very scifi-like setting. It will be awesome.